BeYOUtiful By UltraSlim®
BeYOUtiful by UltraSlim®, Lubbock’s newest weight loss center, is a provider of non-invasive body contouring and body sculpting services with a focus on fat loss, weight loss, and cellulite removal. All of our core offerings are FDA cleared for their indication and are safe, pain-free alternatives to weight-loss surgeries (such as liposuction) and weight loss shots. In addition to fat loss and cellulite reduction, we also offer weight loss programs to lose weight fast, long term weight loss plans, as well as injection-free, safe, and effective skin rejuvenation and pain management therapy.

Our mission is to guide and educate as many people as possible to live a healthier lifestyle and help as many overweight patients as possible achieve healthy weight loss, increase life expectancy, and feel better. We want YOU to become the BEST VERSION of YOU that YOU can BE.

How can YOU achieve a lifetime of healthy weight and wellness?
Our Genetic based weight loss and nutritional coaching services encompass all aspects of what make for a successful weight loss journey. We start out with a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) that provides a comprehensive picture of your current health which includes Body Fat %, Body Fat Mass (helpful for determining realistic weight loss goals), Visceral Fat Levels (the dangerous fat), Body Water %, BMI, Metabolic Age, even bone mass. From this BCA we develop a customized, 4 phase diet plan based specifically on your DNA. This plan starts with a 40 day “losing phase” where compliant patients typically lose 20-40 lbs. From that point we begin the process of giving control back to you by beginning the transition to the lifetime phase. The diet is based on natural foods (not bars and shakes) and does not use harmful drugs or supplements (such as phentermine). We are with you every step of the way monitoring weight and how you are feeling daily in the initial phases and use “success visits” to hold you accountable and perform additional BCAs to make sure you are losing fat and not muscle. Our program is 1) Science Based 2) Doctor Developed 3) Customized for YOU (based on your DNA) and 4) Easy to follow. We hold you accountable and provide the encouragement needed to ensure your success.


Noninvasive Fat Loss

Introducing a revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks with no downtime, exercise, dieting, surgery, or drugs.



UltraSmooth™ reduces the amount of fat that pushes against the skin, relaxing connective tissue, which causes the appearance of cellulite. UltraSmooth™ is 2nd only to UltraSlim® as the most effective noninvasive FDA-cleared device for fat reduction.


Skin Rejuvenation

Get younger, healthier looking skin! UltraSlim® helps tighten skin and increases the production of collagen and elastin.

FDA Cleared red-light Weightloss therapy.

At BeYoutiful by UltraSlim, our most popular service is instant fat loss through a red-light therapy device called UltraSlim®, the only non-invasive, FDA cleared device for instant fat loss. UltraSlim® is a step above rapid fat loss because results are instant. Our most popular individual treatment is the belly buster, we guarantee you will lose 2 inches of fat in your belly immediately following the treatment or it is free.

In clinical trials, UltraSlim® proved to be 100% effective for fat loss, average fat loss was 3.5 inches per patient which amounts to almost 1.6 liters of fat on their first 32-minute treatment! Results ranged 1 5/8” up to 10 inches lost during these clinical trials (NCT02867150) and 98% of patients showed fat loss of at least 2 inches. The great thing about UltraSlim® is it can do more than just remove belly fat, it works anywhere on your body that you want fat removed and is safe enough that it can even be used on your neck or face.

If you want to tone up your arms, thighs, back, or calves, we offer an effective, instant solution for you. UltraSlim® can even be used for a non-invasive breast reduction. Unlike some other body contouring options, UltraSlim® does not kill fat cells, it works by opening up pores in your fat cells allowing as much as 2/3 of the fat in each cell to drain.

Your body naturally processes this drained fat which is ultimately excreted out of your body. Some key advantages UltraSlim® provides over alternatives include a 7.8 times more powerful light than lasers, a larger, 23” x 17” inch fat loss coverage area, and instant results with no reported risks since the device’s inception in 2011. The only side effect that has been reported is weight loss. This side effect is why we are the newest weight loss center in Lubbock, using the latest technology to help you achieve your desired fat loss, weight loss, and cellulite reduction goals.


I did a series of 5 UltraSlim treatments and my waste is thinner than it has ever been. I have not made any changes to my diet which makes the results I have seen truly remarkable.


Ultraslim is an easy and relaxing way to lose inches! Thanks to Ultraslim, after just a few treatments my clothes are loose and I’m feeling great! I highly recommend it for anyone hoping to lose weight!


I am loving my UltraSlim sessions!! It’s so calming and I love that I can see results right after my session! I have tried other fat reducing methods and so far, this has been my favorite!!


I started seeing improvement in my face and neck after my first treatment. After 5 facial sessions the skin on my face and neck is noticeably smoother and denser.


Being a powerlifter, having a thicker midsection is normal but this light therapy has actually shrunk my waistline well over an inch and makes me feel better about how my body looks.