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Our Partnership with activate metabolics

How can YOU achieve a lifetime of healthy weight and wellness?

Our Genetic based weight loss and nutritional coaching services encompass all aspects of what make for a successful weight loss journey. We start out with a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) that provides a comprehensive picture of your current health which includes Body Fat %, Body Fat Mass (helpful for determining realistic weight loss goals), Visceral Fat Levels (the dangerous fat), Body Water %, BMI, Metabolic Age, even bone mass. From this BCA we develop a customized, 4 phase diet plan based specifically on your DNA. This plan starts with a 40 day “losing phase” where compliant patients typically lose 20-40 lbs. From that point we begin the process of giving control back to you by beginning the transition to the lifetime phase. The diet is based on natural foods (not bars and shakes) and does not use harmful drugs or supplements (such as phentermine). We are with you every step of the way monitoring weight and how you are feeling daily in the initial phases and use “success visits” to hold you accountable and perform additional BCAs to make sure you are losing fat and not muscle. Our program is 1) Science Based 2) Doctor Developed 3) Customized for YOU (based on your DNA) and 4) Easy to follow. We hold you accountable and provide the encouragement needed to ensure your success.

WHAt is activate metabolics all about?

1.) Science - Genetic Testing for individualized, optimal weight loss and exercise efficiency and Body Composition

What is the best exercise to burn fat? What is the best way to lose weight? The answer is in your DNA, as there is no single exercise or diet that works best for everyone. Starting day 1 we use Testing and Technology with our computerized BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS (BCA) which provides your body fat %, BMI, muscle mass, body water %, visceral fat, and bone mass. We also perform a DNA test to determine your ideal macronutrient balance (fat, carbs and protein) as well as your optimal workout intensity and duration which includes optimal balance of strength vs. endurance exercises, your target heart rate for burning fat, and how your body best responds to resistance training (heavy vs light, low rep vs. high rep, number of sets, etc). Everyone differs in the way they process nutrients, as well how they store and absorb them. A recent Stanford study showed that people on a meal plan specific to THEIR genetic profile lost 2.5X more weight than those that were on other well established, effective diet plans.

2.) Strategic Eating

What do we mean by this? It’s simple: this is NOT a diet, it’s a comprehensive weight loss plan! It’s eating very intentionally to create the change we want and need. It’s strategic. We tend to avoid the word diet, it doesn’t generate positive feelings for our clients. The weight loss program includes a rapid weight loss phase and a maintenance phase. You eat differently in each stage to accomplish the desired results, hence the term strategic eating.

3.) Supplementation

The weight loss program offers 5 naturally formulated supplements to provide nutrients & energy, improve gut health, curb cravings, and to help the body detox. The supplements are to help you during first 40 days of the weight loss program when you will lose weight fast. In order to achieve this rapid weight loss, the use of supplements is beneficial to help your body adjust to eating differently. The supplementation piece of the puzzle is one we like to emphasize should be short term. We do not want anybody dependent on any product. But, we want to assure you get through those early challenging times and have things that can naturally assist with hunger, cravings, and that lethargic-yuck feeling most feel when they attempt to make significant changes. Importantly, we use proven formulas with natural ingredients. There are NO drugs, NO skinny shots and NO hormones. And best of all,  you will never have to buy a special brand of shakes, bars or boxed food in this program!

4.) Support

Many people we meet with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like “I really need help” or “I feel overwhelmed” or “Someone needs to hold me accountable” or “I can’t lose belly fat and have tried multiple diet plans”, or “My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight”. These phrases or similar ones are common. The need for direction, oversight, accountability and personalized, sensitive support is very common, you are not alone in feeling that way. That’s why Support is 1 of the keys of The Activate Metabolics Weight Loss Program.  Doctor oversight and close accountability is indeed a key piece of the puzzle . Just as daily communication is in the beginning, which happens to be the most challenging phase! Some weight loss programs have clients check in one day then they’re completely on their own. Some may have even been told not to check their weight for a couple weeks until they see them again. As a result, people have no idea what’s happening with their body. They may go days with questions and needs not being addressed. We actually insist that our clients share their weight and how they feel, what they may be struggling with (there are usually solutions if addressed right away!), questions they may have and more. Weigh daily – Text daily” is our motto for the first phase. That close text communication and consistent in person visits carries on for the duration of their program. This model creates teamwork. As a client, you will never feel alone in this program!

So, there you have it. The 4 Piece”S” of the Activate Metabolics Program. These combined ingredients  are helping thousands of people succeed in their weight loss journey to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Our goal here is simple: to take action towards the obesity epidemic that is leading to metabolic syndrome and more illness and disease in our country than any time in history.