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non-surgical liposuction alternative 

slim your waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Is Instant Fat Loss Possible?

Have you ever dreamed you could instantly lose weight or fat without surgery? Dream no longer, it is now a possibility. We are pleased to offer the latest body contouring solution that is proven to be 100% effective for instant fat loss and is completely non-invasive. This touchless transformation device is known as UltraSlim.

UltraSlim is a red-light therapy device and is the only non-invasive device that is FDA cleared for instant fat loss. In clinical studies (NCT02867150) UltraSlim was proven to be 100% effective for fat loss, patients lost an average of 3.5 inches (roughly 1.6 liters of pure fat) around their waist on their very first treatment. Results ranged 1 5/8” up to 10 inches lost during these clinical trials and 98% of patients showed fat loss of at least 2 inches.


Immediate Fat Loss


FDA Approved





How does this amazing body contouring device work? UltraSlim uses a very specific dose of red light (not a laser) to open pores within your fat cells allowing fatty acids and triglycerides to drain from the cells.

The drained fat is naturally processed by your lymphatic system, then your liver and kidneys as part of your body’s natural detoxification process. The UltraSlim device system covers a 23 by 17-inch area and uses non-coherent light, meaning it stimulates fat loss in the entire 23 by 17 coverage area and produces 7.8 times more photonic energy than lasers.

Lasers use coherent light which means it can only affect an area covered by a single pinpoint or band of light (the laser pointer). Imagine coloring an entire legal size piece of paper with a pen vs clicking an autofill button.  The advantages UltraSlim provides over some alternatives include a more powerful light,  a larger fat loss coverage area, and instant results with no reported risks or side effects since the company’s inception in 2011.

UltraSlim works anywhere on your body you want fat removed, it’s also FDA cleared for pain management and skin rejuvenation. Because of the stubborn belly fat that is so hard to get rid of, our most popular treatment is the belly buster treatment, which consists of four 8 minute exposures across the midsection.

For this treatment, we guarantee you will lose 2 inches of fat in your belly immediately following your first treatment or it is free. While results are visible on your first treatment, we recommend a series of treatments to obtain your desired weight loss goals. Our staff will work with you to assess your needs and recommend a treatment option that will generate your desired results.

When you’re ready to see instant fat loss results, call BeYoutiful by UltraSlim today. Our highly trained staff will walk you through the treatments and help you develop a plan to get you looking your best.